Meet Kasia 

Kasia goal is perfection and personalized service. When she started in 2004 Kasia’s Beauty Studio her priority was that every client receives the highest quality service with personal touch. She is motivated to help everybody with her extensive experience and knowledge.


Her adventure with cosmetology started when she was a young girl. As a self-starter, she went through all steps in the art of cosmetology. She began as a manicurist. In the meantime, she learned waxing, massages, body treatments and skin care.


In every task, she aimed to be the best. She achieved that through concentration, perseverance, and personal gift. With 25 years of experience, she is dedicated to perfection. She is certified in microdermabrasion, chemical peels, endermology, and reflexology as well as more complex treatments - IPL and Dermapen.


She is an excellent facialist who helped many clients. She's very well known for her skills and knowledge in eyebrow design. She constantly improves her skill as much as she is open to new ideas – her make up using products based on natural minerals gets more enthusiasts day by day.


She established her own beauty spa at age of 29 giving her energy and experience to make it the best spa in the city. She offers a wide range of services like waxes, massages, and skin treatments with a broad choice of products from individually picked for every client's needs.


Every client receives personalized service and attention.

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